Tours & Workshops

I have always loved sharing my skills with others. I get great joy from seeing others grasp new concepts and run with them. I’d love you to join me on one of my tours that I tutor through NZPhotographyTours. If you would like to find your creative freedom behind the lens of a camera and learn how to do Intentional Camera Movement you have come to the right place. These tours are not about photographic gear and you get to leave behind unwieldy tripods…instead I help you find a freer, more painterly style of taking images. Beware when doing photography in this manner you will no longer need meditation sessions, mindfulness classes or Prozac prescriptions! 


Auckland City Tour

This is a three hour tour in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. We spend about 40 mins at the De Brett Hotel. Over coffee I talk about my journey as a photographer and show you both impressionist and abstract images and explain how I have created them. During this time I also show you the camera settings and processes I use. We then spend the rest of the time in the city with you creating impressionist and abstract images under my guidance. I have a few hidden gem venues that I love to take you to, that work fabulously for our purposes. I look forward to meeting you.

Muriwai Beach Tour

This is an afternoon to evening workshop held at Muriwai. Our timing is designed to allow you to enjoy the best light of the day. The workshop will extend the skills learnt in my city workshop to seascapes, forestscapes or interesting bird impressions.The day is divided into 2 parts with 3 hours spent in my studio to provide you with a more in-depth, hands on look at some of the Photoshop techniques that I use. I also give you a taste of what it is like to print your own work and you go away from the day with one of your images printed as an A3 print.