I do seem to have rather got ahead of myself. I guess first off I should have shown you where this wonderful colony of gannets is. They live on a spit of land - Otakamiro point- jutting out into the Tasman Sea between Muriwai Beach and Maukatia Bay. They get to face the sunsets - as well as the land they cannot see - to which they will fly in a few months time. They are high up to have lift to help them take off and land. This also means they get the best and the worst of the weather-head on.

Here is Snuggles - Oct 12 - hunkered down not only for the inclement weather, she has an egg. Laid the day after Precipices’. Now the wait for the incubation period of around 40 plus days starts


Snuggles hunkered down

0_F9A7748 snuggles egg laid.jpg

Oct 12-Snuggles lays and egg


Like all good things this project started with a helping hand from Serendipity.

A chance sighting of a newly laid /bloody egg gave me the impetus I needed to start a project that had been laying dormant in my head for a while – and thus A Season with the Gannets started!

I was set to follow this egg  with my camera and heart - from been laid, to hatching, and then follow it’s tiny and very ugly (but somehow adorable) inhabitant from day one until the day it flies off and leaves the Muriwai Gannet Rock.

I want to share this journey with you. I am loving it – I am learning so much about gannets and their lives as I make my daily visits to the colony. Of course following just one gannet wasn’t ever going to be a reality, so now I have an extended family of five that I follow and fret over. I couldn’t just call my gannets numbers one to five etc…so my first one, nest on the edge of the ledge, became Precipice. Here she is on October 11 with her newly laid egg. Another gannet couple caught my eye. They obviously didn’t have an egg and were very busy “snuggling” -meet the Snuggles couple (and to this day I swear they always spend longer snuggling as they do their nest changeover compared to the other gannets!) As we go along the journey you will get to meet all five of my family and their offspring and hear their stories. - My friends and family are now getting used to my conversations all being centred around the lives of my five surrogate offspring and I am happily resigned to a A Season with the Gannets.

Precipice with newly laid egg.jpg

Precipice with her newly laid egg.

0_F9A7424 snuggles last no egg day.jpg

Meet the Snuggles couple.

0_F9A7469 snuggles no egg v2.jpg

Snuggles 1&2
No egg in the nest yet